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The largest range of Industrial Minerals in Greece

Vertical Mining- Processing-Marketing by our licensed Quarries

  • Quartz- Quartzite –sand and granules of all dimensions
  • Quartz sand and granules of all dimensions
  • Silica sand and granules
  • Zeolite granules of desired dimensions and powder of 20 and 45 microns
  • Diatomite clay in powder of 20 and 45 microns
  • Pozzolan- Santorini earth in powder in 45 microns
  • Dry ground pumice in powder and granules (*purchase of raw material from third party)

Quartz- Quartz sand

Quartz is found in vein in various parts of the country but there are a few economically exploitable deposits and the company is concentrating the interest in Thessaloniki and Kilkis Prefectures.

Quartzite Sand

A metamorphic, homogeneous, high quality (SiO2>95%) with important reserves deposit is under operation by OLYMPUS in Kilkis Prefecture for production Silica sand and granules.


Zeolites are hydrated crystalline aluminosilicates, which were created millions of years ago, when large volumes of aluminosilicate ash were deposited in environments where alkaline waters existed after volcanic eruptions. The interaction of this aluminosilicate ash with alkaline waters and the existence of appropriate pressure and temperature conditions resulted in the creation of zeolites.


They are completely natural product consisted from the skeletons of microscopic diatoms, non-toxic, non-corrosive, acid-resistant, completely harmless mainly amorphous silicon dioxide.

Dry pumice

Noting the lack of dry and graded pumice stone in the market in various grinding fractions (-45 microns), the company OLYMPUS SA already offers the above products.


Natural Pozzolan is used in the Greek area mainly by the cement industry as ingredient for cement production but also as a raw material for archaeological services for restoration.

Indicative clients of OLYMPUS SA Industrial Minerals