The clayey Diatomites of OLYMPUS SA are mined from selected areas in Thessaly and constitute a natural mixture of diatomites and clays in proportion of about 50%-50%.

They are completely natural product, non-toxic, non-corrosive, acid -resistant, completely harmless with most of them being amorphous silicon dioxide.

They are similar in geological terms and composition to the Danish, well known worldwide (Moller) clayey diatomites, for their multiple uses in industry, agriculture and livestock due to their high absorptive capacity (mined in the Danish islands of Fur, Mors and Nordsalling).

The criterion for absorbance is the particle surface area, which is 53.4m2/gr, slightly higher than the Danish Diatomites, which is about 50m2/gr (determination by National Center for Technology and Development, CERTH).

Applications of clay diatomite

  • As carrier of active ingredients in the animal feed industry
  • For the absorption and composting of sewage
  • As waste absorptive of chemical industry
  • For production Light Weight Aggregate (LWA) after calcination
  • Litter material for deodorization-Hygiene
  • As insecticide in the plants
  • As insecticide in wheat, barley etc. silo

It is the structure of the diatomite that gives the properties that make it valuable. It has a large granule surface area, high porosity, absorbent and heat-insulating properties.

It is emphasized that it is NOT AUTHORISED still as plant protection product.

More specifically, the uses of the clayey diatomite of OLYMPUS SA are the following:


The clayey diatomite of our company comes from a private quarry.

The clayey  diatomites in this area consist of discoid and cylindrical diatom shells consisting of amorphous SiO2 (Opal-A) and clays of Smectite and Illite group, with clayey to diatomite ratios of approximately ~60/40.

Particularly emphasized is the large surface area of its granules (53.4m2/gr -CERTH), which makes it comparable to the worldwide known for applications of Danish clay diatomite (Moller).

Qualitatively, our material is suitable for both thermal insulation, lightweight aggregate (LWA) and industrial absorbents as confirmed by semi-industrial scale research (pilot plant, see R&D).

Further research has demonstrated the applicability of the ultra-fine -20μ product we produce as a component of agricultural soil conditioners and more generally as a source of absorbable amorphous silicon dioxide for agricultural applications and other uses as mentioned in the corresponding section above.

In the ““Research & Development” section” ,you can find more details on both the quality of our material and the research carried out in this area by the company OLYMPUS SA.

Product availability

Clayey  diatomites are available in two granulometries

  • Granular powder -50μ
  • Ultra-fine powder -20μ

Available in bagged 20kg paper bags on pallets or in Big-Bags.

Διατομίτης -20μ
Διατομίτης -20μ

Diatomite -20μ.


The company OLYMPUS SA is one of the few companies in the field where besides the production and distribution of diatomite it is also active in the field of research on the uses of the Greek Diatomite. More details regarding the research conducted by OLYMPUS SA on Diatomite you will find in the section ““Research & Development”».