Livestock use

Absorbent for all types of liquids, waste-water for their safe removal while simultaneously deodorizing

The mixture of diatomites and clays is worldwide tested for their very high absorption capacity
(e.g Danish Moller)

As bedding material in stalls where it absorbs odors and moisture while maintaining a healthy environment

Also, for mixing with animal feces and their hygienic removal.

In the animal feed industry or even in individual farmers as a carrier for absorption of fats, molasses, vitamins, liquid additives, etc.

It is especially useful where the environment is acidic and no carbonate powders can be used.

In animal feed silos to avoid clumps.

In both the latter cases, clay diatomites are completely natural products mined in certain parts of the world (such as the Fur, Mors and Nordsalling islands of Denmark) and have proven their usefulness when added to animal feed, where they improve the function of their gastrointestinal tract