Graded Dry Pumice

Noting the lack in the market of dry and graded pumice in different particle size fractions, but also grinded (-45 micron), OLYMPUS SA is already offering in the market the above-mentioned products, using as raw material pumice from Yali of Nisyros island. The product range offered from the above-mentioned pumice are covering construction purposes, as well as many other well-known uses, such as treatment of drinking water primarily, wastewater purification, the pretreatment for reverse osmosis desalination of seawater (SWRO), in filtering water in fish farms in cosmetics etc.

Especially in painting industry and for the mixture with rubber as filler-extender OLYMPUS SA is offering the particle size -20microns.

As far as it concerns the building sector, there have been made very interesting studies in the Laboratory of Building Materials in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), as they are presented in the section “Research and Development”.

Finally, in the sector of mortars with thermal and sound insulating properties should be mentioned a product known as LimeStrong of Hess highly used in the USA ( It is about a simple mixture of fine-grained pumice+hydrated lime+ water without cement, which can be used as low cost external insulation plasters, that can be colored and choice of texture (coarse, fine).

In addition to the fine grained pumice (-45m), which react with hydrated lime coarser granulometry pumice 0-2mm, participates as aggregate to the above mortar.


The grain sizes available on demand are:

Powder Granural
0 – 200 μ 0,1 – 0,3 mm
-45 μ 0,1 – 0,4 mm
-20 μ 0,2 – 0,5 mm
0,4 – 1,0 mm
0,8 – 1,3 mm
1,2 – 2,4 mm
2,0 – 3,5 mm