The production unit is located in a privately owned area of 43000m2 at the 26th km of the Thessaloniki- Serres old national road and includes units for crushing, washing, sorting, magnetic separation of unwanted impurities, grinding, granular classification, air separation and final packing in paper bags or Big Bags

All equipment operates on IRON FREE technology and consists from two sectors:

An integrated open-air crushing, washing and sieving unit

Sub-unit A

Mechanical Equipment:

(1) Jaw crusher
(1) Cone crusher
(2) Barmac crushers
(3) Vibrating sieves
(2) Washing machines
(1) Liquid/solid separator

Introduction: reception of raw material as extracted (max 350mm)

Export: 0-6mm

Production capacity: 60 ΜΤ/h

Sub-unit B

Mechanical equipment:

(1) Barmac crusher
(1) Vibrating sieve

Introduction: material reception less than 6mm

Export: 0-3mm

Production capacity: 10MT/h

All capacities are related to rock hardness above 6Mohs.

A complete drying – grinding- sieving – air separation- magnetic separation and packing unit housed in a six- storey building consisting of:

(2) Rotary dryers
(2) IRON-FREE mills (pebble mills)
(1) air- separators
(1) magnetic separator
(1) Morgensen Multiple sieve system, Other Sieve assembly, Dust filter systems, Dry and Wet Silo feeding systems, Integrated packing system (paper bags, Big Bags, bulk loading system

Entered material max 6mm granule size

Export: From 4MT/h up to 40MT/h depending on granulometry (from -45μ to various granule sizes from 100μ up to 4mm). Covered storage area of 3000m2 and open -air storage area of 25000m2 complement the unit.

All capacities refer to minerals with hardness above 6Mohs.

Recently has been purchased and operates a complete ultra fine separtion system (Pfeiffer AG). The capacity of this system in minus 20μ material varies between 1 and 1.5 T/h.