Who we are

OLYMPUS SA – Industrial Minerals

OLYMPUS SA – Industrial Minerals was founded in 2013 by Mining Engineer George Georgiadis, with long-standing activity in Industrial Minerals Research and Development, especially in industrial minerals that were first explored and exploited in Greece (Feldspars, Quartz) and internationally (huntite-hydromagnesite), but also on deposits not previously exploited (the pozzolan of Pella Prefecture was the first exploitation of pozzolan outside the island area and met the needs of TITAN cement plant in Thessaloniki until today).

The share capital of OLYMPUS SA was fully covered by G. Georgiadis own funds without any form of lending or subsidy. The company’s balance sheets are presented in the “Financial Data” page.

The main aim of the company is to utilize a fully-fledged industrial mineral processing plant in Assiros Thessaloniki, which has been acquired from the well-known MEVIOR SA, which was founded in 1986 by G. Georgiadis and the investment bank ETEBA, an initial unit aimed at exploiting the Greek deposits of quartz and feldspars. MEVIOR SA being the only producer in Greece of the above mentioned minerals, was supplying until 2013 the Greek sanitary ware and tile industry, as well as Glassware and various industrial applications (mortars, pool filters, tile adhesives, epoxy resins, etc.) while also exporting significant quantities of high quality quartz and feldspars to Italy, Austria (Swarovski), Israel (artificial granite) etc.

Immediately after the acquisition OLYMPUS SA spent substantial amount of money of refurbishing the mechanical equipment and installing a new ultra-fine grinding unit for the production high fineness (-10μ, -20μ) products.
At the same time, the company, has invested significant sums in the research and development of the industrial minerals that are its subject (see “Financial Data”).

Nowadays, the plant is exploited by the production-processing of 5 industrial minerals (quartz, quartzite, zeolite, pozzolan, diatomite) which are mined by legally licensed quarries in the prefectures of Kilkis, Evros, Pella, Larissa.
OLYMPUS SA, also processes pumice stone, which it buys from the island of Yali, producing dry and fine grains of less than 3mm precisely sized.