The company OLYMPUS Industrial Minerals SA is the only vertically integrated producer in Greece, of quartz and quartzite in sand, granules and flour, for mortars, pool filters, epoxy resins, industrial floors, steel industry and many other applications.OLYMPUS operated a complete processing plant and two quarries (Quartz and Quartzite) in small distance from the plant considered a fully integrated unit.

Quartz can be found in pegmatite quartz veins, within schists across the country, but the economically exploitable deposits are rare and the company is focus in areas of the Thessaloniki and Kilkis Prefectures.

The quartzite deposits are metamorphic belonging to Examilion series (Thessaloniki Prefecture) and are extended into different areas of the Thessaloniki and Kilkis prefectures.

OLYMPUS has long term (40 years) mining rights for one Quartz and one Quartzite Quarries in Kilkis Prefecture.

The distances of the quarries from the plant are 30 and 5 km respectively

Both deposits are high quality regarding their chemical and mechanical characteristics, their quality is homogeneous and their reserves are sufficient for a sustainable development of the complex Quarries Plant.

Typical Chemical Analysis of Quartz and Quartzite is:

SiO2 99,50% SiO2 min 95,00%
Fe2O3 max 0,05% Fe2O3 max 0,5%
Al2O3 0,10% Al2O3 2.5%
CaO 0,02% CaO 0,02%
Na2O 0,01% Na2O 0,01%
K2O 0,01% K2O max 1,00%
TiO2 0,00% TiO2 0,00%
L.O.I max 0,25% L.O.I max 0,25%

The extracted minerals are transported to OLYMPUS SA facilities where ore is crushed, washed, handpicked, dried, screened and milled.

Screening produces various quartz granular and sand sizes (0.1-3mm, 0.3-1.2mm, 1.2-2.4mm, 0.3-0.8mm, 0.4-2.4mm, 3-7mm, etc.) and quartzite (0.1-0.3mm, 0.3-1.2mm, 3-7mm, etc.)

The company’s product range includes quartz flour-75μm, which is milled in iron-free pebble mills to prevent product contamination from iron and chromium.


The Quartz Sand of OLYMPUS SA is produced by quartzite, an industrial mineral extracted from the company’s recently licensed quarry, which will be its most competitive product…

χαλαζιακή άμμος - χαλαζίας - Όλυμπος Α.Ε.


The products are available in paper bags of 25 Kg and Big Bags of 1000Kg or 1200Kg
Quartz and Quartzite are available in 25kg bags and 1200kg Big-Bags in various sizes.


Quartz in granules

ΧΑΛΑΖΙΑΣ Μ 1,2-2,4 1
ΧΑΛΑΖΙΑΣ Μ 1,2-2,4

Quartz M 1.2-2.4